Be aware of cybercrime. It is real and the most sophisticated people can fall victim to cybercrime and criminals behind it. If you are transferring money to George Anthony Andrews Solicitors then you have to make sure that the details of the account you were given came from a reliable source. Email is not a reliable source and cannot be relied on without a second verification either by fax, post, over the phone to a person you have spoken to before in the Firm or in person. Please always speak to your Solicitor before transferring any money even if you have a deadline, wait until you speak to your solicitor. Therefore, if you receive an email from George Anthony Andrews Solicitors giving you bank details or asking you to transfer monies, you must not act on this email alone before you speak to your solicitor. George Anthony Andrews cannot be held responsible if you transfer money to the wrong account due to wrong information you received in an email claiming to be from George Anthony Andrews.
The same applies to phone calls, if you receive a call showing our correct telephone number but you do not recognise the person speaking to you then immediately ask to speak to your solicitor. We will never call you to give you our account details or ask you for your account details unless the solicitor with conduct of your case is responding to your call or the solicitor that you know and recognise is calling you.

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